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Open Day!

What a spectacular event!! Our centre was open to guests and visitors for an open day to showcase the fantastic facilities and services we have on offer.

Program of the Day

Welcoming speech by Councillor Crichton

Musical performances by our residents including our choir and individual hip hop artists

Dance performance by our residents

Art auction of art made by residents which was framed by our wonderful sponsor

Food made by residents and their families

Information stalls by South African Depression and Anxiety Group, Elim Clinic (a substance abuse rehabilitation service) and SAPS Moffatview

Gift stalls by Talisman groups, Sterkfontein (psychiatric hospital) and Thandanani (mental health NGO)

There was support from parents, sponsors, staff, our local community councillor, local psychiatric hospitals, mental health NGO’s, partnership organizations, SAPS, Department of Health, Elim Clinic, SADAG and our wonderful family and friends.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and participated, to people who donated to our raffle prizes and those who made the event possible. What a great year we have had and it was wonderful to celebrate together

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