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Talisman Foundation is a psycho-social recovery center. The foundation supports up to 200 people with diagnosed mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar mood disorder and personality disorders.

Psycho - Psychological support is offered to enable people to understand and manage their mental health condition. We have excellent programs and workshops run by experienced and professional staff. 

Social - Social support is offered to enable people to build their support networks and improve their quality of life. The foundation is well linked to the community and encourages and participates with Johannesburg life. The foundation is not a locked facility and so residents are able to stay connected and return to their community when they are ready. 

Recovery- The foundation aims to support people to achieve their potential and strive towards reintegration in to their communities. Talisman focus on personal, social and occupational rehabilitation with the aim for people to achieve personal goals such as studying, employment, independence and quality of life. The foundation have a strong emphasis on relapse prevention and insight training delivered through our structured program. 

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