Admission Criteria

  • Diagnosed with a mental health condition

  • Aged between 18-59 years old

  • Assessed by their psychiatrist as suitable for rehabilitation

  • Assessed by our admissions team as suitable for rehabilitation at Talisman

*Please note that if you have had a dual diagnosis of substance misuse or alcohol misuse then you must be sober for at least 3 months prior to admission

Referral Process

  • Completion of admission application

  • Review by admissions team

  • Fees agreement

  • Viewing of Talisman Foundation

  • Admission Interview

We have double and single rooms available

For current fees contact reception on 011-435-0727 or

Please download and return forms by email


Talisman Foundation are able to admit individuals who are:

Referrals can come from yourself, family or professionals such as a social worker, psychiatrist or counsellor. The referral process will include:

A talisman is an object, often a crystal or gemstone that enables a person to focus and amplify their own power. It is not a lucky rock.  Its power lies in its ability to aid a person in achieving their desired future.

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