Vocational Skills Training

  • Driving 

  • Floor Monitoring

  • Gardening

  • Kitchen

Talisman Foundation run a program that offers a work-like environment to people who wish to gain vocational skills with the aim to seek sheltered or full employment outside of the foundation. It also offers work-like opportunity to individuals who are unable or unlikely to find employment  externally. A stipend is provided for remuneration.

VST Departments

  • Administration

  • Accompanying

  • Chemicals & Detergents

  • Cleaning



Talisman Foundation train residents in departments they are interested in pursuing. They are assessed in ten areas to determine their vocational skills and areas that need developing. This is feedback to the resident and goals are set. 

On-going Assessment

Residents are assessed every 3 months and results are fedback and goals are set. If there are concerns that arise they are supported to address these as soon as possible. 


Groups & Facilitation

Residents are supported by their facilitator to pursue work opportunity when they are ready. They are offered support to write CV's, apply for jobs, interview skills 

A talisman is an object, often a crystal or gemstone that enables a person to focus and amplify their own power. It is not a lucky rock.  Its power lies in its ability to aid a person in achieving their desired future.

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