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Department of Health Event

The Department of Health ran an event at Talisman for Mental Health Awareness Month. They invited fellow NGO's to come together for this event. In light of the Esidemni Crisis it is vital that Mental Health Awareness is at the forefront of our activism and campaigns for the rights of people with mental health conditions.

The Program

Welcome and the ringing of the Bell of Hope by Aruna Ramaulule (Department of Health)

Introduction by M.I Crichon (District Councillor)

Inter-faith prayer by

Program Director - Maligay Govender (Thandanani NGO)

Mental Health in the Community - The Invisible Possibilities - Claudia Campbell (Private)

Stigma - Marthe (South African Federation for Mental Health)

The Role of NGO's and an Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Maligay Govender

Discussion and feedback on improvement to mental health services

Closing Statement & Mental Health Pledge by


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