Admission process
  1. After the application has been accepted, the resident (or guardian) must fill in all forms required for admission, with special emphasis on the terms and conditions of residency, the contract forms and indemnities.
  2. All medication must be handed over to the admissions staff member before going to your room. This includes headache pills, vitamins and herbal preparations.
  3. No cell phones are allowed in the first four weeks, or until the person has adequately settled in.
  4. Bank cards, cheque books and credit cards are not to be brought to the facility. If this is impossible, it must be handed in for safekeeping and control.
  5. No resident is allowed to have any cash upon admission. All cash must be handed in and initially be controlled by your allocated facilitator.
  6. The resident will be handed a signing program and be introduced to a buddy, who will accompany them to meals, group, introduce them to other residents, staff members and doctors. Upon becoming compliant to the Talisman Foundation programs you will be taken off the signing program.
Admission Procedure

Admission Process


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Admission Procedure