The Talisman Foundation was established in Parktown Johannesburg, as a residential home for persons diagnosed with mental illness.  Initially established in 1979 as an organisation offering custodial care, we expanded our services and changed to a rehabilitation model that fostered independent living.  

Due to the increase in demand for our services, In 2003 we moved to much bigger premises in The Hill, in the south of Johannesburg, which allowed us to expand our service offering even further. The programmes have since become more independence and empowerment driven.

Our name shapes who we are, and how we do things.  

A Talisman is an object, often a crystal or gemstone that enables a person to focus and amplify his or her power. It is not a lucky rock.  Its power lies in its ability to aid a person in achieving their desired future.  

We like to think of Talisman Foundation as a place that takes shattered lives and cultivates greater possibilities by harnessing the person’s own powers and personal cooperation.   We do this by providing a temporary home and rehabilitation support for those who need it.


About us