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The Talisman Foundation encourages good family contact within the perimeters of our Behaviour modification program. In the absence of behavioural issues, family contact is for the most part unrestricted but controlled. The Talisman Foundation views the family as a key partner in the recovery of our residents.

Family members are encouraged to become part of the rehabilitation process by initially aiding the resident with support, encouragement, acceptance, providing info and breaking the very common co-dependence cycle through liason and sharing in the outcomes to be achieved.

It is the family members responsibility to sought feedback from the relevant facilitator and to ensure that their actions are consistent and in concordance with agreed objectives. Family involvement becomes paramount during the discharge process whereby more family meetings will be held to ensure a smooth and successful transition to independent or less structured living.

Research consistently demonstrates that with serious mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar mood disorder and depression, improved outcomes are achieved when families are active participants in the resident’s clinical care.

We offer education to equip families with the factual information necessary to partner with the treatment team to support the resident’s recovery. Consultations are provided on an as needed basis.

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Admission Process


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Admission Procedure